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Amazing Beautiful Cacti

Posted by VT Jenny on September 22, 2009

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Cactus like to party in Winter!

Posted by VT Jenny on January 10, 2009

These cacti look like they have had a little too much eggnog or been around others that have. While this may look like a Styrofoam version of toilet papering someones house, this was done to help the cacti. The meristem, or growing tip of a cactus, is at the tips and is the most delicate and important part of a cacti. If the tip dies is cannot grow from that end anymore. The last photo shows a columnar cacti that lost it’s original meristem and now two laterals are growing. A good frost can damage the growing tip of some cacti. These styrofoam cups are “winter coats” for the meristem.

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