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Calliandra eriophylla – Pink Fairy Duster

Posted by VT Jenny on March 13, 2009

Calliandra eriophylla – Pink Fairy Duster

Size: 3-4′ tall and wide
Flowers: Light pink to rosy pink puff-ball-like abundant flowers late winter through spring and with summer rains
Site: Full Sun, withstands reflected heat and sun, well drained soils, root hardy to 0*F
Uses: naturalistic planting, informal hedges, erosion control, hummingbird & butterfly gardens
Foliage: small bipinnately compound leaves green to green-gray, can be winter and summer deciduous
Native: washes and gravelly slopes at elevations of 1,00 to 5,000 ft from SE CA through AZ, NM, West TX and from Sonora to Coahulia and Jalisco, Puebla and Baja CA, Mexico.



One Response to “Calliandra eriophylla – Pink Fairy Duster”

  1. CallMeJo said

    is there another pink duster that grows more in an elongated shape? where the bloom starts off white fluff and turns to pink?

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